Uses Of Quartz

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Metal Industries

When making raw iron, quartz granulesare used to create slag in the blast furnace process. They are also employed as a protective covering in steel gutters and during the blast furnace process.

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Water Filtration

According to BIS specification (IS: 8419 - 1977), quartz grains are used to filter water. The grain size curve must match the particle diameter by 10%. The formula for the uniformity coefficient ratio is D60/D10

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Paint & Coating Industry

The material shall be of one of two forms, crystalline or amorphous, by BIS requirements (IS: 67 - 1979). The material must be in dry powder form and have a minimum SiO2 content of 98%. SiO2 should not include more lead than 0.03%.

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Glass Industry

The physical specifications of silica sand specifies that silica sand shall be fairly free from contamination like clay material, pebbles, and other extraneous matter. The sand should not contain more than 4% moisture.

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Oil and Gas Industries

The oil and gas sectors use natural silica with a high SiO2 content as well as coarse-grained silica sand with spherical particles. This silica sand is utilized by oil and gas companies as "frac sand," which is pushed into the oil-bearing strata and down oil wells to increase permeability and oil flow.

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Foundry Industries

Sand used in foundries has a different silica content than sand used in the glass and refractory industries. Sand used in foundries should not only match the requirements for chemical composition

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Silicate Industry

It is suggested that sodium silicate be produced by fusing sodium carbonate with silica sand or quartz powder (20–100 mesh), which has an analysis of 99% SiO2 and less than 0.25%

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Ceramics Industry

In the ceramics industry, quartz is utilized to increase body rigidity and lessen shrinkage during drying and firing. Iron is the most harmful element, thus it should be as little of it as possible.

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Refractory Industry

Due to its high refractoriness, quartzite and quartz are utilized to make acid silica bricks. Fluxes, including lime, iron oxide, magnesia, and alkalis, reduce refractoriness.

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Rubber Industries

Quartz and silica sand are additionally utilized as reinforcing fillers to enhance the physical qualities of rubber. The ideal silica mineral typically has a SiO2 content of + 98% and fewer than 0.1% metallic contaminants.

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Silicon Carbide and Other Abrasives

Silica sand and quartz are used in the manufacture of silicon carbide grains. The sand should for this purpose contain more than 99% SiO2, less than 0.1% each of Fe2O3 and Al2O3, and no lime, magnesia,or phosphorous.

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Electrode Industry

In the electrode industry, silica sand or quartz powder is employed as one of the ingredients of a welding flux mixture. The silica minerals used for this purpose should have a composition of 97.5 to 99.5% SiO2, 0.05% (maximum) Fe2O3, and 0.03% (maximum) S, with a mesh size of +100 to 200.