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  • Among the top mining firms, ARIHANT MICRON excels at providing quartz crystals of the highest quality for use in scientific equipment manufacture and the jewellery industry. We have crystal quartz lumps in sizes ranging from 50 g to 15 kg. To satisfy the needs of clients for quartz crystal, we have the best infrastructure and resources. Additionally, we provide citrine, blue, pink, green, and rose crystal quartz crystals.
  • Varieties of quartz have emerged as the most popular minerals for jewelry and hardstone carvings since antiquity, especially in Asia. The mineral that defines the value of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which uses a qualitative scratch method to gauge a material's resistance to abrasion, is quartz.
  • Crystal quartz, size, and weight are provided by ARIHANT MICRON based on availability. We always have all colors of crystal quartz available for supply, making us the best crystal quartz supplier in Rajasthan.

Components of Crystal Quartz

    • High SiO2 content of up to 99.9%
    • Alkali or other substances: Absent
    • Fe content as low as 0.002%
    • 7-7.8 Mohs hardness
    • 2.90-2.8 Specific Gravity
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