Quartz use in Foundary Industries

Quartz use in Foundary Industries

Quartz Powder

Sand used in foundries has a different silica content than sand used in the glass and refractory industries. Sand used in foundries should not only match the requirements for chemical composition, but also have a well-established grading system, and a desirable shape, and size. Sand should essentially be free of mica content. The size, shape, and distribution of the grains is the last element influencing the molding qualities of the sand combination. This standard covers the requirements for both natural and crushed grains of sand.

For molding work, silica powder makes an excellent refractory material. It is mostly utilized in the steel foundry as a dressing for molds and cores and as an addition to sand mixes for molding.

To create the right material utilizing silica flour, white silica sand, partite rocks, high-grade quartz, and both sufficiently pure deposits sure can be crushed, washed, and graded to achieve higher thermal strength, high density, and resistance.

Our Quartz Powder/Granules Specifications

  • high content of SiO2 99% and above.
  • Fe2O3: below 0.04 % (Depending upon the grade of quartz)
  • Mesh Sizes: 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 325 mesh and above, etc, we can manufacture as per the requirement
  • Grain Sizes: 0.1mm to 8.0 mm